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Homewrecker by Dwayne S. Joseph Book Review

Before I get deeper into this book review. I want to say this was the absolute best book I ever read! I enjoyed reading it. This is an urban fiction book you need to take a chance reading. Dwayne S. Joseph is a great author!


Lisette is an attractive woman who knows how to seduce men very well. She gets hired to ruin relationships that's why they call her the "homewrecker." This job provides her with a wealthy source of income. Everything is going well for her until a strange caller says they need Lisette help or something bad will happen to her.

Sharing my Thoughts

When I started reading this book it immediately caught my attention. The author did a good job of grabbing your attention on the first page of the book. Honestly, I thought the book would focus on at least one main relationship, but it didn't. It threw in other relationships and connections with the circle of main characters which expanded the good drama in the book. There was no confusion about trying to identify the characters throughout the book scenes. The flow of the book went at a great pace. There wasn't any rushed or dragged out parts.

Thoughts on the Characters

Lisette: She is a very strong woman. The control and power she has fit her character. I agreed with her when she said: "Relationships make you too dependent." I connected with that line on a deep level.Marlene: She is a sweet person. I didn't view her as a weak character. She had a strong bone in her body, but she needed Lisette to push that out of her. I hated she cared what other people thought of her. Even though I hated it I still looked at her point of view. Marlene was always used to everyone judging her all her life so that's why her mindset was tainted. She's the type of friend you would need by yourself. Lisette gave her hell at some points, but she still was there by her side.Kyra Rogers: She deserved everything that happened to her. Kyra should've known her "good life" wouldn't last forever. She did too much dirt to people. Karma got her good. Dwayne did a very good job writing Kyra outcome. She's full of jealousy to me.Myles: He was so caught up in his own world of distractions. Most of the situations that happened to him would've never existed if he paid more attention to the outside world. I kind of felt bad for him with his luck with women. Then again, now I feel like he brought the last marriage disaster on himself. How are you so blind when it comes to gold digging hoes?Steve: He's such a nasty bastard! Nothing made me have respect for him at all. Steve is selfish, disrespectful, and punk. This man wants to do so much dirty work but doesn't want to pay for the consequences.


There weren't any flaws in this book. The whole story is well written. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. If you're looking for a good urban fiction book to read I recommend this book for you to read. You won't be disappointed at all. Also, this book has explicit language so it would be good for adults to read. If you have read this book before. Share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.




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