Heyyy I’m Destiny

How are you doing? My name is Destiny. Born and raised in South Carolina. An introvert who enjoys R&B music. My mission on this earth is to change people lives with my writing.

It's You I Want

Why do I crave your presence so much?

Laying in bed thinking about you...

Can't sleep

You're stuck in my mind

Never thought you'll be the person I would want so bad

Too bad I can't let you know

Deep down inside I know the thought of us probably won't happen

I accept that though

Maybe we can try in another lifetime

What if you're feeling the same way I do?

Nooo you're probably not

You probably never gave it a thought

or have you?

You see I am going back and forth with myself about it

Only time will show what your intentions are or were

Never would've thought you may complete the piece that's missing inside of me

It's you I want...


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