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How are you doing? My name is Destiny. Born and raised in South Carolina. An introvert who enjoys R&B music. My mission on this earth is to change people lives with my writing.

My Trip to Barnes & Noble

Today, I went to my local Barnes & Noble store to buy me some good books to read. The books that I chose looked interesting. I'm so excited to read them. I did read the summary of the books before I got them. Before I spent a good bit of money on them. I had to make sure they were worth reading. It's nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a book or books then they suck. The books I decided buying are...1) Working Girls by Katt2)The Pink Palace by Marlon McCaulsky3)The Lazy Girl's Guide to Life by Jennifer ByrneThey sound like good books, right? The first two books are urban fiction books which are books I tend to read the most. Book number three is a fun book to give out life advice that I don't mind following. Can y'all believe that I spent $61.19 on just those three books? Most of you would probably be upset if you spent that much money on books. But, if you're a book lover like me it doesn't matter what the total was. As long as you had enough money to buy it then you're good.Also, I know most of you are wondering why didn't I have a membership card or go to Books-a-Million because it's cheaper. Well, today I finally signed up for a membership card at Barnes and Noble. Usually, I avoid it but today I didn't. So, now when I go to Barnes and Noble I get a good discount on things I buy out of there. Oh yeah, the cashier did give me a discount on my purchase too since I had signed up for the card.I was happy with my purchase today. Every time I go to Barnes & Noble I can't leave out of there with at least one book lol. I have an addiction to buying books!! Like I said earlier in this post I'm a book lover. I can't help it. Do any of you buy books from Barnes & Noble? If so, what kind of books do you buy? After I read my books I purchase I will give everyone a book review. My challenge for you is to go out and buy a book that catches your interest.


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