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People True Personality Shows on Social Media

If you want to figure out someone true personality, follow them on social media. On social media a lot of people use their social media account as a tool to express their feelings. No matter if they have a small or large number of followers. After a while their account is an open diary for others to read. Even though you may not think people are paying attention to what you post. They are watching what your posts. Especially if it's someone you know personally.Sometimes we post things on our social media without thinking about it first. That's mostly because we post based on our feelings. What I'm trying to say is whether we are mad, sad, or happy. We feel the need to tell everyone about it on social media. It's our outlet to vent. For some reason most of us aren't ashamed to express our feelings on the internet.The point I'm getting at is that once we start expressing our self freely on social media. It's how most people can view the type of personality we have. You could post a random status saying, "I love pizza." One of your followers learn a fact about you. Or you could post "my passion is to help as many people as I can." Simple posts like that can tell details about you.Social media will always have a way of showing everyone's true personality. It's a platform that is made for us to express who we are freely right? So, tell me do you believe that people true personality shows on social media? If you don't agree with anything in this article. I still want to know your thoughts on this topic.


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