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Too Many Sex Partners

Sex is a feeling that many people crave. In some situations, it can turn into an addiction. Nowadays sex is no “big deal” to most people. The real problem comes into play when a person starts having too many sexual partners. Hey, I’m not trying to bash anyone in this article so calm down. I just want to make certain individuals aware of what they're doing.First of all, when you want to get yourself sexually involved with someone make sure you know what you’re doing. Sex is nothing to play around with. You share bodily fluids with someone else, feelings are involved (sometimes), STDS, and even pregnancies. Do you fully evaluate the person you want to have sex with? Maybe what you are feeling towards that person is only temporary. Are there times when you think to yourself the effects that sex may cause on you? Sure you may see it as something fun to do at the moment. But think about it this way is the sex worth giving a piece of yourself to the other person. Show a little respect towards yourself because not everybody deserves to get an intimate taste of you. Especially if you have a circle of people you like to have sex with. How many sex partners is enough? Look, it’s nothing wrong with having some fun. Don’t think I’m trying to preach to you or think I am some full ball of innocence because that’s not the intention of this article. You’re not going to find your emotional fulfillment in sex. No matter how many people you mess around with. Sex can cause so much confusion. Don't let yourself get caught up in the hype. Just be careful about having too many partners you want to sleep with.What's your thoughts on someone that has too many sex partners? Feel free to express your opinion. Photo by Sarah Diniz Outeiro on Unsplash




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