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Long Distance Relationships Aren't Bad 

Now maybe the title of this post caught your attention or you could be curious. There's nothing wrong with trying to find out why I wrote about this topic. Anyways, most people always have a negative thought about long distance relationships. Every time someone finds out that I am in one they always saying "your boyfriend is cheating on you", "I can't handle being away from my boyfriend or girlfriend for too long", "how do you trust each other." Oh yeah, I can't forget the famous "you're getting catfished" response. Most of the time I ignore these questions or statements because once I try to explain myself there is always someone trying to play the devil's advocate. Honestly, they won't understand what a long distance relationship feels like until they experience catching feelings for someone who's far away. Situations like this aren't planned. It's not like one day I woke up saying I want to be in a long distance relationship, so let me go find someone across the world to go date. My point is this kind of relationship isn't bad if you and your partner truly love each other, have good communication through text messages, video chats, or phone calls and make sure you're able to trust each other. I definitely know that's one of the hardest things to do, but if something is going on behind your back you'll get a strange alarming feeling that will warn you. Another point I want to make that's referring to cheating is even someone who dates a person that lives in the same town as they do can get cheated on as well. It all depends on if your partner truly loves and care about you. If someone tries to talk down on your long distance relationship ignore them cause I'm sure they are probably with someone who they are unhappy with or that's cheating on them or they just don't want to see you happy. I don't mind being in my long distance relationship because I know that my boyfriend and I appreciate our quality time more than a couple that gets to see each other every day. © Reflection of Des 2017© Feature Image: Google Images  

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