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Nobody Takes Sex Seriously

Nowadays certain people give out sex like a free advertisement. Like damn you can’t get to know a person before you give up the goodies. That’s why STDs get spread around. No one wants to check a person health status but wants to bust it wide open just because he or she are sexually attracted to someone.First of all, you need to both go to the clinic to check your status then if everything straight y'all can think about having sex! No one mentions that often nowadays though. The only thing that’s on their mind is “oh, this person is sexy & looks like they don’t have any type of STD I should be fine” or I got the protection I’m good. Yeah right! Y’all better wise up instead of being STUPID at the moment. Now I understand we can get caught up in the moment. Just think about this you will save yourself from a lifetime of trouble, guilt, or regret if you think smarter when it comes to sex. Sex is something you do not want to play with.Most people love to see it as something fun to do and not see the consequences that go with it. Nobody wants to think about the unexpected pregnancies, the risk of STDs, and feelings that are involved with sex. I'm going to stop you from reading the article right here and let you listen to the rest of the discussion on my podcast episode "Nobody Takes Sex Seriously Anymore."Listen to my podcast episode to hear more about what I think about people not taking sex seriously anymore. Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash



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